Elemental hero deck duel links

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Destiny Hero: deck recipe

elemental hero deck duel links

Although currently a fusion based Elemental Hero deck isn't competitive, the beater variant did become much better recently with the latest.

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These are two very important cards for this deck because they allow you to activate your skill by paying their cost you only need to lose life points to be able to activate your skill. By paying for Mirror Wall and protecting your Elemental Hero from attacks, you will be able to easily get a second Elemental Hero on the field, which has the added advantage of giving your R-Righteous Justice a lot of value. These are two other great picks for beaters. Elemental Hero Heat has a decent attack of when alone on the field, which combined with skyscraper makes him stronger than Cyber Angel Dakini. Elemental Hero Ocean is a great way to get back Elemental Heroes from your graveyard so that you can keep the pressure up.

Duel Links, people have been trying to get Neo-Spacians to work, since it was one of the archetypes Jaden used in the anime after his Elemental Heroes. Remember this deck recipe is meant to give you fun while you bring out those Elemental Hero Neos fusions, this deck is not meant to climb the ladder! The bread and butter of this deck. Now before it would actually be hard to win a duel using Storm Neos because you would need those 3 cards to be alive on your board, but now thanks to Miracle Contact they can be sent to the graveyard without any worries. One of the monsters required to summon Storm Neos, and actually has a useful effect in a deck that tries to stall until turn 5 the turn after which you can activate Last Gamble.

E Hero Beat: Deck recipe


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