Flat earth and planets

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We Asked Two Flat Earthers: What About the Other Planets?

flat earth and planets

Exclusive Sneak Peek at “Planet Flat Earth” (Nerdist Remix)

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Organizers of an annual conference that brings together people who believe that the Earth is flat are planning a cruise to the purported edge of the planet. They're looking for the ice wall that holds back the oceans. The goal? To test so-called flat-Earthers' assertion that Earth is a flattened disk surrounded at its edge by a towering wall of ice. Details about the event, including the dates, are forthcoming, according to the FEIC, which calls the cruise "the biggest, boldest adventure yet. Believers in a flat Earth argue that images showing a curved horizon are fake and that photos of a round Earth from space are part of a vast conspiracy perpetrated by NASA and other space agencies to hide Earth's flatness. These and other flat-Earth assertions appear on the website of the Flat Earth Society FES , allegedly the world's oldest official flat Earth organization, dating to the early s.

Droves of people in America continue to decide to believe the planet is flat and stationary. We've already written about how incorrect that is , but we wondered what they thought about other planets in our celestial neighborhood. Are they recognized as spheres or are they, too, supposed to be flat? So we found two Flat Earthers to ask—here's what we learned. Davidson says that means planets are kind of like stars, definitely not "terra firma planets," making them a set of similar-but-different stars. He also says that our sun isn't the same as other stars, since it doesn't twinkle.

The "Flat Earthers" plane to sail to Antarctica to find the frozen barrier they believe marks the edge of our world. The supposed "ice wall" is said to be several hundred meters thick, towers 50 metres high and surrounds the entire planet. Even YouTube star Logan Paul wants to join the expedition so he can "find the facts" behind the bonkers theories. It's not like you just go there, and you can just peek over it. It's very high but all contained inside.

How Flat-Earthers Explain Total Lunar Eclipses

The Flat Earth Theory Explained

A Flat Earther has claimed that the Earth is shaped like a doughnut. Yes, really

You know all those times that we have laughed at Flat Earthers for their completely unfounded statements? Yes, really. The user, going by the name of Varuag, suggested this unfathomable theory after what seemed like an extended period of intense thinking. I was wondering how a theory like FE theory gets formed, and I came to the conclusion that someone must've thought of the original idea, and then it must've been followed by a long series of people pointing out flaws and then re-adjusting the theory or thinking of new ideas to iron out the flaws in the theory. I will state my theory, and then we can adjust it by pointing out flaws and seeing if we can think of arguments that will counteract these flaws. I have a theory that the Earth is in fact shaped like a torus a donut-shape.

Flat-Earthers' Cruise Will Sail to Antarctica 'Ice Wall' at the Planet's Edge. Right.

How do flat earthers explain that the other planets are round and we see different sides of them all the time? Is earth flat and the rest of the planets are spheres??? Even in their bizarre world of logic this seems unassailable. When I look through a telescope, all I see is a fuzzy dot. Scientists keep conveniently coming up with these photos that supposedly show the Earth and other planets to be round, but the rest of us have no way of verifying that they're anything other than pure fiction. You can doubt anything given sufficient belief in conspiracies, but the most compelling evidence that the typical flat-earth theories are wrong for me, is a picture of Antarctica from directly overhead.

The blood-red color of the moon during a total lunar eclipse may be difficult to explain without a basic understanding of orbital mechanics, but flat-Earth conspiracy theorists have come up with a way to circumvent scientific facts and construct a creative explanation of the phenomenon. Our natural satellite appears red during lunar eclipses for the same reason that sunrises and sunsets appear that shade here on Earth: because sunlight is scattered as it passes through the atmosphere. According to flat-Earth conspiracy theorists, this astronomical phenomenon — known as a total lunar eclipse — was actually a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of a mysterious "shadow object" that orbits the sun and occasionally passes in front of the moon from our point of view here, on an allegedly pizza-shaped Earth. Although flat-Earthers believe our planet is flat as a pancake, they surprisingly seem to have come to the consensus that the sun and moon are spherical objects. However, these theorists posit that both the sun and the moon orbit Earth's north pole, hovering directly above the pancake and never passing around to the other side. If that were true, however, lunar eclipses as we know them could not happen, because the moon must be on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun for such an event to happen.





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