Need for speed underground 2 skyline

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need for speed underground 2 skyline

The Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34) appears in Need for Speed: Underground 2 and is unlocked upon completing URL event 16 during Stage 5 of the career mode.

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You will notice when you start need for speed there will be a goldish colored Nissan skyline saying eastside boys on it but you cannot seem to select it. To unlock this car you need huge amounts of style points achieved by doing races and other events. It is advised to complete all the races in underground including the th race. Once you have done that you should have loads of sty;e points. If you still dont get it go on quick race and select a finely tuned car and win as much points as you can on drift mode. You will achieve lots of style points that way.

In comparison with the R33, the R34 has a shorter wheelbase and smaller dimensions to improve handling. The R34 was also equipped with a 5. The Nismo Multi-Function Display option MFD could be equipped at an extra cost, which included an additional lap timer and an increase in boost pressure measurement to 2 bar. The V-Spec Victory Specification model was available with more performance enhancements including aerodynamic carbon-fibre extensions, an active limited-slip differential at the rear, and lower but also harder suspension. All V-Spec models carried a model-specific badge at the rear.

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How do you unlock the nissan skyline gtr, mitsubishi eclipse, mitsubishi lancer evo 7 and toyota supra cars and what and where is the title screen?? The title screen is when you most to press START,and you most to type your codes before you press start.. For more questions for Need for Speed Underground 2 check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question. Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected.

How do you unlock a Nissan skyline in need for speed underground 2?

Two different games were produced, one for consoles and Windows , and the other for the Game Boy Advance. Underground rebooted the franchise, ignoring the previous Need for Speed games which featured sports cars and exotics. It was the first game in the series to offer a career mode featuring a storyline, and a garage mode that allowed players to fully customize their cars with a large variety of brand-name performance and visual upgrades. Rather than exotic cars, Underground featured vehicles associated with the import scene. Underground was commercially successful, and was followed by Need for Speed: Underground 2.



For those who have beat the game the skyline is my favorite car i'm at Stage 5 and at 60% done but I have not seen the skyline yet i'm as.
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