What happened to liz vicious

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what happened to liz vicious

Liz Vicious Fake Raven Riley Instagram Live Video Scam

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There was a guy that knew her and posted some personal pics here. She just works a shit job and lives her life. She was arrested for some petty theft a year or so back. Supposedly it was a friend she was with and not her that did it. My understanding is the current if its still around twitter and facebook accounts of "her" is actually the dude or company that owns Liz Vicious. She doesn't own that identity and the guys who do pretend to be her and it explains why every single pic they post is a shitty photoshop of previous pictures. Damn dude theres a name I have't heard in a long time.

Copyright Mind Media. Some rights reserved. Generated in 0. And if i claim to be a wise man, well, it surely means that i dont know! I don't find her that attractive, but she'd still catch it. But you're right, haven't seen her around in years.

Did anyone ever figure out what happened to Liz Vicious?

Liz Vicious Scammers Use Porn Threats To Scare Victims Into Sending Money

Liz Vicious

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