Saffron price per gram

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Crocus Sativus

saffron price per gram

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The world's priciest foods. The threads are the stigmas of tiny crocuses, grown primarily in Spain, Iran, Greece and India. Since each flower only has three stigmas, many blossoms are needed to produce even a small amount of spice. It takes an acre of land and hundreds of thousands of flowers to produce one pound of saffron threads. Saffron, which Patty Erd calls "a classic," has been a key ingredient in cuisines since ancient times, and it is commonly used to make risotto, bouillabaisse and paella.

Estimated price per pound: $1, and up. Saffron, the most expensive spice, is usually sold by the gram - just a small cluster of slender red.
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Being one of the most in-demand spices globally, the cost of saffron is worth gold. It is one of the most precious spices not only of India but globally as well for which you have to spend a lot of amounts. Being well known for its intense flavor, fantastic texture and bitter taste, this most excellent spice is being derived from the stigma of flower Crocus sativus Linnaeus. The saffron threads are stigma petals that are carefully dried for a particular period to obtain distinct texture, taste, and flavor. Being cultivated in favored conditions, it needs about 75, flowers of saffron to obtain one pound of it. Surely YES. And this is one of the most substantial reasons why does it cost so high among other spices.

Among the most expensive spices in the world is Saffron and there are a number of reasons why it is so. Here is a list or reasons:. A lot of counterfeiters and fraudsters start their scheme at the origin of the saffron. With Spanish saffron being twice as expensive as Iranian saffron, a lot of companies choose to counterfeit their saffron as Spanish. In regards with this issue, there are a lot of manufacturing issues that come up because of the inequality in manpower wages between the two countries and also other production costs.

saffron price

This is a very recurring question and somewhat complicated to answer as it depends on what purpose and who asks, I explain:. As you can see there are several ways to focus on the subject and many more that can be sure, we will try to respond to those indicated:. - Generally, there is a lot of ideas about the most expensive spice over the world. And, price of this yellow spicy is 26, USD per kilogram.


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