Super why wonder red

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Super Why! Wonder Red Dress Up Costume (3T-4T)

super why wonder red

Wonder Red's Why Flyer resembles an airborne scooter. It's red and smooth when she gets her. But unlike Puppy, she is not part of the Super Readers group.

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Her basis is fairy tale character of the same name. She is also the titular character from the fairy tale of the same name and a member of the Super Readers. In storybook village she lives with her grandmother, and is a skilled skater in the community. When she transforms, she goes by the alias Wonder Red , and gains "Word power", or the power to "Rhyme". She is voiced by Siera Florindo in the first two seasons and T.

Super Why! It features Fairy Tale characters who turn into superheroes known as the "Super Readers", who can literally enter into books to help solve problems. They are:. The series is highly formulaic , following the same pattern in virtually every episode: One of the main characters has a problem, and the group sets out to find a solution to it by changing into their heroic selves and entering a book. There they try to help the story's characters with their problems, eventually changing the story by replacing words in the text to give it a different ending. In the process, they find special "super letters" that Super Why collects in his "super duper computer" which eventually spell out a word that is the solution to the original problem. After that too is resolved, the Super Readers, now back in their normal forms, dance a little victory dance to the show's tune, and the episode ends.

Red has lightly tanned skin and a a scattering of freckles below each brown eye. She has long brown hair worn in low pigtails held by red scrunchies with her bangs loosily brushed at the center of her forehead. She is often depicted with a red helmet or hat. Her normal outfit consists of a red parka with white lining, pocket flaps, and a string at the center of her neck, a red pleat skirt, and red shoes with short white socks and built-in rollerskates. Red is a friendly and caring girl who tries to do whatever she can to help others; especially her friends. She can be childish from time-to-time, or tempermental when thing don't go the way she had hoped - but her intentions seem to always mean well in the end, even when she fails to express them properly.

Super Why and Wonder Red (Spring Break) at Museum of Discovery

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