Mostra steve mccurry brescia

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Mostra di Steve McCurry a Brescia

mostra steve mccurry brescia

Event in Brescia, Italy by Galleria dell'Incisione on Friday, November 22

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Steve McCurry was born in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In he graduated cum laude from Pennsylvania State University, where he studied film and theatrical arts. Having chosen photojournalism as a profession, he worked on a local newspaper for a few years. In he made his first journey to India. With the help of a group of refugees, he managed to cross the Afghan border from Pakistan and reach the territory under rebel control. At that time Afghanistan was closed to Western journalists due to the entry of Soviet forces and McCurry became the first photographer to succeed in showing the world images of the conflict. McCurry travelled around Afghanistan illegally, disguised as a local inhabitant.

This site uses cookies, to find out more, click here. In closing this banner, reading this page or clicking on any part of it or any link it contains, you are ispo fact consenting to the use of such cookies. A once-in-a-lifetime exhibition introducing the Italian public to Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres and to the art world at the turn of the 18 th century. In order to best document the great variety of styles and themes of "new classicism", the exhibition itinerary features several sections. Their lexicon is made up of virile bodies and great energy. Quite soon, some sort of pre-romanticism crops up here and there, thus highlighting the role of citizens dedicated to their fellow citizens, as was so well represented by Girodet.

In its inaugural year, the series takes a look at the teachings and writings of Nelson Mandela as inspiration for story. Picture- Carl Fourie. Press release available only in original language. Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale 70 immagini di stevemccurry, con molti inediti a Santa Giulia per racconta

Also for the end of this summer month we have selected exhibitions, workshops and events for both adults and children , to offer you a relief during these hot days! Dear readers, do not miss the opportunity to spend some time with art and culture, have a good reading! From July 13 to August 6, Galleriaramo — Zurich. Formato A is a collective of three emerging international artists combined by the research of human nature and its various manifestations. Through the work, the fragility of the thought and of the support paper used are highlighted, which is central to contemporary art research.

These days London is gifting us with warm sunny days that look like a miracle. Even more for an Italian recently moved to London like me, who found the first British-winter extremely hard to face. My body is still trying to get used to the constant wind. Luckily, as soon Continue Reading Welcome ! This week London is going to be so vibrant: full of art exhibition openings and ready to get this new year started. I totally fell in love with this ironic, but accurate definition.

Steve McCurry “Unguarded Moment”, taking place as part of the Year of Photography in the Hermitage


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