Growing begonias from tubers

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Growing Begonias From Corms

growing begonias from tubers

Start off begonia tubers in the greenhouse - Tims Tips from Directbulbs

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Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. This upright-type begonia lights up the shade with its large blooms. Staking is required to ensure these fragile beauties stay upright. Of the more than 1, species of begonias known to man, the tuberous begonias must be considered the most stunning. With up to 8-inch, showy flowers that bloom from summer to fall, tuberous begonias provide all-season color when planted in containers and beds. Perhaps their greatest attribute is that they bloom in the shade.

Shopping Cart. My Account. Welcome to Easy To Grow Bulbs! Login Create Account. Begonias have been favored for shade gardens for years and the large-flowered tuberous varieties represent royal blood.

Tuberous begonias produce beautiful rose-like flowers in a variety of colors. They are started from tubers, which many refer to as bulbs, and should be planted in early spring. Gardeners love begonias because unlike most other flowering plants, they prefer shade over sun. Once they sprout, begonias easily thrive in many different climates. To properly plant begonia bulbs, start the begonias indoors in small pots or flats about a month before the last frost. Once the danger of frost has passed, find a shady spot and dig holes about 2 inches deep, spaced 8 inches apart. Place the begonias into the holes lightly pat soil around the tubers.

By Naomi Jones. If you want impressively big basket displays, trailing begonias are the way forward. Whether you prefer the big blowsy blooms of double-flowered varieties , or the elegant single-ones , they provide masses of colourful flowers that cascade wonderfully from any container, be it a basket, patio pot or window box. Hang trailing begonias in baskets either side of your front door for a colourful welcome home, or dot them around the patio to provide a lush colour pop. They provide an excellent display in full sun or partial shade, flowering profusely throughout summer. Begonias are tender, so they need to be started off in a frost-free place, a conservatory or greenhouse is ideal. Here are some simple steps for starting them off:.

Begonia tubers are available in many colours, flowers and shapes. They are also very versatile and can be planted in balconies, hanging baskets, patio containers and flower beds. Once established they also require minimum maintenance. Find out about Friends and Members. Would you like to receive Thrive's e-newsletter? Sign-up here.

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  1. Taking care of begonias is easy, especially when growing begonias from corms (or tubers). Tips for Growing Begonia Plants from Corms. First, always plant begonia corms concave side up (depression on top) either slightly above or level with the compost/soil surface.

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