Sestina superenalotto mai uscita

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Researchers Exploit Another Intel Hyper-Threading Flaw

sestina superenalotto mai uscita

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They classified the vulnerability as a side-channel attack because attackers could use discrepancies in operation times or power consumption to gain additional information that could help them bypass the encryption of data. This malicious process can then leak information about the legitimate process and allow the attacker to reconstruct the encrypted data processed inside the legitimate process. The researchers also made available the proof of concept PoC for the attack, showing that it is indeed feasible and not just theoretical. This PoC can now also be re-purposed and modified by attackers to launch a real attack against owners of systems using Intel CPUs. Intel made a patch available to motherboard OEMs yesterday when the researchers made the flaw public. In a statement, Intel encouraged app developers to also use code that is not vulnerable to side-channel attacks, but that may be easier said than done:. This issue is not reliant on speculative execution and is therefore unrelated to Spectre, Meltdown or L1 Terminal Fault.

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