Santa monica civic center parking structure

1st LEED PARKING GARAGE: Santa Monica Civic Center

santa monica civic center parking structure

Otis Traction Elevator at Santa Monica Parking Structure 5, Santa Monica CA

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Santa Monica is a very pedestrian-friendly destination and visitors are encouraged to go car-free , but if you find yourself in need of parking information, here are some tips for Santa Monica parking at the beach, downtown and for metered parking. Please remember to always keep your valuables out of sight. Take your valuables with you or place them in your trunk before you arrive at a location where people might be watching. Many Santa Monica beach parking lots offer electric plug-in options and are:. There are several public parking lots and structures along 2nd Street and 4th Street within Downtown Santa Monica , which allow for easy access to Third Street Promenade and the Downtown Santa Monica neighborhood. Santa Monica has on-street parking meters throughout the city, all of which accept payment via coins or credit card.

Now 2 hours. Garages Street. Civic Center Structure Garage - spots. Get Directions. Prices Mon-Fri - All day. Sat-Sun - All day.

However, some people just need their cars. If you are planning on rolling a cooler out onto the sand to spend a day on the beach and Pier, this is the place you want to park. Even with its 1, parking spaces, the lot will fill up on sunny days and weekends, so plan to arrive early.
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I attended a conference at the Sheraton Delfina last weekend. I found the map of parking garages and lots on the City of Santa Monica's website and opted for the Civic Center Parking Structure, about 3 blocks from the hotel. It is open 8 a. It worked out perfect for me as it was a quick walk to the hotel and then just a short walk to the promenade and restaurant area, where I spent the evening after my conference. The CCPS is well lighted and clean -- actually much easier to get around in than some of the other structures closer to the 3rd Street Promenade. As you exit the structure, you can get right on to the 10 Freeway, so it was quite convenient in that respect. There is a shuttle bus that goes between the hotels, parking structures and tourist areas, which costs 25 cents per ride but I didn't use it as I was comfortable with the walk to everywhere I was going.

Intended as an integral part that completes a quadrant of civic buildings, the , square feet Civic Center Parking Structure provides parking spaces on six levels above grade and two below grade while visually uniting the tableau of diverse buildings. The design team was additionally challenged to create a building that exemplified the city's commitment to sustainable design while strengthening the urban fabric and providing public amenities. One of the challenges for this project is to create architecture out of a common building typeóone that is not generally associated with high design standards. The design addresses this standard service amenity by viewing it from a fresh perspective and taking it to a higher level where it can have a positive influence on its surroundings. An Urban Solution The varied amenities incorporated into the Parking Structure allow the designed mass to function beyond its service capacity. The four sides of the building acknowledge the individual urban contexts, thus serving as a fully designed urban presence.

The goal of Enteractive, an interactive installation located at 11th and Flower streets in downtown Los Angeles, was not only to enliven a public space and create a unique sense of place, but to create an experience that allows people to relate to architecture on a human scale. When visitors walk on the in. The LED tiles in the electronic carpet are each in. Custom software analyzes the weight data in real time to determine where people are standing and what direction they are moving in. The software generates light patterns based on these data and scales the patterns and interaction according to levels of activity on the carpet. As a result, different visitors may experience different patterns, and the experience changes throughout the day.

City Considers Big Rate Hikes for Downtown Santa Monica Parking Structures

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We Love Property Management Headaches! The report analyzes ways of ensuring parking for workers the City is a particularly large employer in the downtown area and others by keeping 15 percent of all spots available at all times.



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