Ristorante cicirinella salerno sa

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nome locanda - Picture of Ristorante Cicirinella, Salerno

ristorante cicirinella salerno sa

13 Salumeria e Cucina - Salerno (SA)

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If you like Italian food. This restaurant is an excellent choice. The menu is pretty limited. But everything is fresh and enjoyable. The wine list is very long. We booked at 7pm.

Via Portacatena Via Capaccio Paestum Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi Via Roma Via Duomo Via Dogana Vecchia,

Ristorante Cicirinella is a popular restaurant located in Salerno. It is popular for Italian, Seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. The atmosphere of this restaurant is welcoming and cosy, and adds to the overall dining experience. The food served here is perfectly cooked and presented in a beautiful way. The steak served here is particularly famous and is known to be very delectable. The rates are average, albeit a bit on the pricier end.

Not bad for the price. All other things are very good for this price. Find Hotels in Ristorante Cicirinella, Salerno vacation rentals and hotels available now. Today's Top Deals. Get coupon.

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Great twist on Italian cuisine with a modern touch but while keeping an emphasis on great traditional tastes, flavours, and ingredients. The menu changes everyday with what the market will offer but i'm sure it'll always be fantastic! -


cici a salerno - Picture of Ristorante Cicirinella, Salerno


The menu on our first visit to Cicirinella - Picture of Ristorante Cicirinella, Salerno





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