Smart food istituto europeo di oncologia

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Scientific Report - Istituto Europeo di Oncologia

smart food istituto europeo di oncologia

Pier Giuseppe Pelicci e Lucilla Titta – Smart Food, genetica e salute

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What is this page? Buone notizie per gli amanti della cucina piccante!!! Lo studio cinese, pubblicato nel sul British Medical Journal, ha…. Increasing the consumption of plant- based foods, and…. Eat spices and live longer. In nutrition research in America, diets are evaluated by a healthy eating index HEI , a measure…. Tuoreena ja kuivattuna ruokaan

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Superfood e cibi di lunga vita

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With the healthy dish is intended to portray the ideal composition that should have every meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner. A healthy dish should be composed of half fruits and vegetables. It prefers fresh, seasonal, varying the possible colors. The vegetables are not just a side dish, for example, you can munch on fresh vegetable and equipment table, will help to ward off the feeling of hunger, or add it to pasta dishes and seconds to compose recipes colorful, healthy and satiating. Even the fruit can be an ingredient in sweet and savory recipes, or be added to salads and yogurt.

Progetto "Smart Food" dello IEO per la Prevenzione dei Tumori con l'Alimentazione

The most recent and extraordinary frontier of research in the field of nutrition is to identify strategies for feed modulation in order to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and increase life expectancy. Hence SmartFood, the research and popular science project on the protective factors of diet for a new nutritional approach to prevention. The IEO SmartFood project engages researchers, nutritionists, doctors in the same direction: select foods that protect health and communicate the results of science in nutrition. The purpose of the SmartFood project is to develop and coordinate interventions at different levels:. In the context of popular science and nutrition education, the strategy in place provides communication closely linked to the results of research and international guidelines leveraging the expertise of the scientific team at IEO.

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