Attack on titan gravity falls

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Ten Best Animated Shows of the Last Decade

attack on titan gravity falls

[Fanwork] [Gravity Falls] Attack of Weirdmageddon [Animatic]

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What have you done? You evil little Doritos I'm ganna eat you if you don't get to Dipper Now tokyo ghoul and gravity falls. Ford would be amazed by the anomalies. Bill Titians don't sign anything and your handshake I think it was tying to eat you.

For all other types of discussion, please post them in the forums. This includes but not limited to theories, discussion about how great someone is, fanon stories, etc. You have been warned. One thing we've been having a lot of trouble with is allusions. People keep putting down on pages that this is an allusion or that is an allusion when it actually isn't or people are debating whether or not it is. So I'm making a little discussion about this and sorry if there already was one.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply 3. Cant think of any good titles Please tell me what to name this story by LazyBeyondAllReason reviews The time the colosal titan broke through Wall Rose, not just titans came through the breach. But 15mt deer monster holding a large bone spear and 16mt fish with legs messing around with titans and slapping each other while making weird noises. Even worse they're intelligent and destroying everything, but at least they could care less about humans. If only they would leave!

Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Darkkairo Featured By Owner Dec 29, Mabel: We lost a lot of friends and our family the day the titans attacked. And as for Dipper Mabel: He lost something else entirely. Admin] omg why can't we favorite comments damnit.


The new Attack on Titan looks great




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  1. Animated shows have always had good and bad, but recently it feels like there have been more and more shows that have gone above and beyond than any that have come before.

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