Treno da el prat a barcellona centro

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treno da el prat a barcellona centro

Tips for the using the train from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona city centre. If you accidentally take the wrong train you would need to get off at El Prat de.

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Barcelona airport is very well connected to the city centre of Barcelona by many means of transport. Located only a dozen kilometers from the city, most "airport to city" transfers take about 40 minutes, including waiting time. This makes it one of the most convenient airports in the country. Note, however, that there are two terminals, T1 and T2, and that the departure points - for the same means of transport - are not the same from one terminal to another. On this page, you will find the various means of transport and their departure points from Terminal T1 as well as from Terminal T2.

Many people opt to take the bus from Barcelona Airport to the city centre. However, the train can also prove to be convenient, particularly if you are watching your money or if you wish to reach a specific destination that is on the train route. You can also be more certain of travel times as you have no traffic jams to factor in for. This page will cover where to catch the train, the route, the prices, luggage space, where to purchase tickets, payment machines and journey times. Make sure you take the right train. If you accidentally take the wrong train you would need to get off at El Prat de Llobregat station and change for the R2 Nord train which would take you one more stop to the Airport.

From Barcelona Airport to city centre

The R2 Nord is the train line that connects Barcelona Airport terminal 2 with Barcelona and its metropolitan area with a train frecuency of 30 minutes. Passengers coming via R2 Sud St. Frecuency: Every 30 minuts.

Getting from Barcelona Airport to City Centre

This post outlines the options available for getting from Barcelona airport to your hotel, hostel or apartment. Which one is best for you depends on several factors including; arrival time, number of people in your party, which part of the city you are staying in and your budget. All Barcelona taxis are metered, the exact price depends on a combination of distance and the time taken for the journey. There are supplements for airport pickups and journeys after 8pm or on weekends. As you leave the baggage reclaim area, you will come to a metal barrier where people wait to meet arrivals. There is normally a uniformed attendant at the bottom of the ramp who will tell you which of the waiting taxis to take.

Map of public transport pdf, The local train service connects the airport to Barcelona and other towns in Catalonia: El Prat de Llobregat, Granollers, etc. Choose airport. Airport Network. Flight Info. Parking offer Car rental Vehicles with driver Public transport Metro. Metropolitan buses.

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