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Jason Crouse

jason the good wife

Jason Crouse is a former lawyer, turned Investigator, from New Jersey who appears during the seventh season. After Alicia and Lucca Quinn start their own firm, Jason is hired as their private investigator. After some time, Alicia and Jason begin a romantic relationship.

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The show, which premiered in and ran until May of this year, followed Juliana Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a defense attorney trying to restart her career and pick up the pieces following her husband's public sex scandal. The series ended with Alicia getting slapped in the face by her longtime friend Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski , and missing her chance with new love Jason, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The show's creators, Robert and Michelle King, said things weren't as dire for Alicia as they seemed in the finale. Robert King said the finale provided the audience one final look at the "tragic side" of Alicia's character and how she came to embody some of the very qualities she hated in her husband. She was willing to hurt someone in the same way that she was hurt at the beginning.

The Good Wife's big ending—you know, the one where Julianna Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Jason on the series, was asked to come.
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The Good Wife 's big ending—you know, the one where Julianna Margulies ' Alicia Florrick betrayed long-time friend Diane Lockhart, got slapped in a hallway, missed her opportunity with Jason and realized she'd become everything she hated in her husband, Peter—wasn't supposed to be a sad one. No, in fact it was supposed to be optimistic, according to show creators Robert and Michelle King. Jeffrey Dean Morgan , who played Jason on the series, was asked to come back and shoot an additional scene following his series wrap, but his commitments to The Walking Dead —where he was busy murdering your favorite characters—kept him from doing so. I don't know what that would have consisted of. I don't think anything that would have changed the story dramatically or anything," Morgan told EW.

'The Good Wife' creators reveal what happened to Alicia after the series finale

Jeffrey Dean Morgan sure is busy on Sunday nights. Has anyone seen these two guys in the same place? Here is some evidence that proves Negan and Jason may actually be the same person.

Good Wife: Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn't like finale

The actor says he was 'frustrated for my character and Alicia's character in not having any kind of closure'. Jeffrey Dean Morgan certainly had an interesting spring. The actor proved his incredible versatility by playing two completely different characters on two completely different shows. Turns out viewers were not the only ones who were not fans of the move. If Julianna was happy, then I was happy. My feeling was we raised so many questions about Jason and this relationship that he had with Alicia that I felt like nothing was ever answered, you know?

Is the good wife finally about to have a good time? On the CBS legal drama, the notoriously attractive actor will be putting his good looks to use playing a private investigator who Alicia hires to help with her small start-up firm. Morgan's casting is part of a large behind-the-scenes shuffle as The Good Wife enters its seventh and final? But while we got a sense of who Lucca is during last week's premiere, Jason is still something of an enigma. What exactly is this guy's deal? Jason will be playing a lot of roles and filling a lot of holes in the Good Wife family.




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