Drifting sun trip the life fantastic

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Drifting Sun Trip The Life Fantastic

drifting sun trip the life fantastic

The Wizard

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Respectful of the past, for sure. Derivative, no. Peter Falconer what a great name! Based in the U. The band is at its best when it simply plays piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

Their first eponymous album appeared in Their second, On The Rebound was released two years later with a completely different band. The only constant was founder member Pat Sanders. Drifting Sun then disappeared from the music scene until Pat reconvened the band again with a totally new line up. This new album has taken a year and a half to record in studios in the UK and Canada. On first listen the one thing that stands out is the keyboard playing, especially the piano. It then comes as no surprise to find out that Pat is responsible for these and that he composed all the music.

Trip The Life Fantastic 2. Peach Blossoms 3. The Wizard 4. Sunsets 5. Lady Night 6. Ode To Nevermind 7.


Peach Blossoms

Trip the Life Fantastic testo

Neo-prog is a sub genre that came into power in the 80s and 90s with most of its bands evolving and progressing. The 80s neo-prog movement was more dramatic and some would say more linked to 70s prog. The next wave of neo-prog in the 90s were far more user friendly and not quite as over the top. Drifting Sun fall into that last category. After listening to the album, I was struck by how tied to the 90s neo-prog era they sounded.

By all means I have my favourites, Genesis and Big Big Train currently, but there are other flavours and seasonings. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. Drifting Sun are new to me, they have absorbed a lifetimes music, and then spat it out as something quite unique. Well, at the risk of hurting feelings, the album cover. Now to the music which is both simple and grandiose, rocking and classical, beautiful melodies combining to paint pictures, rich tapestries of notes joined by some simple but effective stitching. The lyrics speak of witches, wizards and dragons, but it works, not warlocks at all.


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