In bed with the beatles

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In bed with the Beatles

in bed with the beatles

Beatles member John Lennon and new wife Yoko Ono stage a bed-in in Amsterdam

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With low expectations, a nervous David Whitley checks in to a new Fab Four-themed hotel. We were going for a dirty weekend in the world's first Beatles-themed hotel and weren't really sure what to expect. The Hard Days Night Hotel has only just opened in Liverpool and all we had to go on were a few rumours. Just how Beatles-themed would it be? The odd signed album cover in the lobby, or full-on regalia in each room? I was plagued by the image of looking up mid-flow to see Paul McCartney grinning, with his thumbs aloft.

Having been driven from Paris to Amsterdam early in the morning, John Lennon and Yoko Ono checked into the Hilton Hotel, where they staged the first of two bed-ins for peace. The couple knew their wedding, which took place on 20 March , would receive extensive press coverage, and so decided to use the publicity to promote world peace. They stayed in the hotel's presidential suite, room , until 31 March. The world's press were invited into the room between 9am and 9pm each day. Reporters were unsure of what to expect, and following the controversy surrounding the Two Virgins album cover some expected the couple to have sex before them.

Find a theatre or a show. What better way to perk up a Wednesday than a trip to the Waldorf Hilton to see cast members from a West End show perform live to you whilst you sup bubbly and eat cake. Oh and then later, I got to interview them in bed. This was my life yesterday when all my troubles seemed so far away sorrynotsorry. It is a lush room decked out with Beatles memorabilia like mugs, records with a proper record player , posters, games, DVDs etc.

By Bill Hoffmann. The Beatles were sex machines in their early days on the road sleeping nightly with strippers and gobbling down drugs, a new biography of the Fab Four claims. The legendary rockers were so casual about sex that John Lennon and Paul McCartney once watched in amusement as George Harrison lost his virginity to a buxom German dancer, the book says. At least they kept quiet while I was doing it. Here, in Hamburg, they were almost flashing it.

Paul McCartney had his first sex with a German hooker and he and the other Beatles had pre-paid sex workers laid on for them when they were touring America. As the biggest band in the world The Beatles had hordes of screaming women throwing themselves at them. The women groupies would do anything to get close and then once close the Fab Four had their pick of the gilrs. But it's emerged that instead of having to indulge in small talk with starstruck music fans the band instead opted for a more straight-forward way of getting girls - paying for them. A new authorised book about Beatles member Paul McCartney reveals that as the band travelled across America their were pre-paid prostitutes lined up at their hotels. There was apparently one for each of the band - Paul, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - although it's not clear who booked them.

A honeymoon is usually a vacation taken by a couple after marrying, a time to do something fun just the two of them. But after John Lennon of The Beatles and the Japanese artist Yoko Ono wed in Gibraltar on March 20, , they did something different, using their honeymoon to raise awareness of an issue much bigger than themselves: world peace. Both performance artists, they knew that bold change requires bold action. And so, at a hotel in Amsterdam, they sat in bed for a week, from March 25 to March 31, and invited the press to ask them questions between a. Surrounded by flowers, they took to their bed in their hotel suite in Amsterdam. Though he described the event in a joking manner, he made clear they had a serious point to make. Richard Nixon had just been inaugurated President of the United States after vowing to end the Vietnam War, and a new round of peace negotiations had started in Paris between representatives of the U.

Behind the Photo: How John Lennon and Yoko Ono Came Up With the Idea of Their Bed-In for Peace

The Beatles Story unveils new memorabilia from John and Yoko's Bed-In for peace, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the famous protest. A letter regarding expenses incurred by John Lennon during the Amsterdam Bed-In is now on display in our exhibition.,



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