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Ian Alexander Says 'The OA' Helped Family Accept Him As Transgender

the oa ian alexander

The OA Part II - Ian Alexander on Becoming Buck Vu - Netflix

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The show follows a woman who calls herself the OA and a ragtag group of five people she recruits to help on a mission. Though each of the boys has their own distinct story of struggling with finding a place in a broken world, Buck's story as a transgender teen whose father rejects his identity and needs to resort to illegally purchasing testosterone is heartbreaking in its own way. Ian Alexander — a transgender teen himself — is the young actor who played Buck. This insistence from Marling and her co-creator Zal Batmanglij to have a transgender actor portray a fictional transgender character is an important choice. Movies and television shows too often hire non-LGBTQ actors when these roles which themselves are rare come along. But going the extra distance and using less conventional casting methods paid off. Fans are taking notice of the deliberate inclusion, and Ian himself is brilliant in the show.

Season two of The OA dropped on Netflix on March 22 with a story set mere hours after the finale of the first series. Karim teamed up with OA Brit Marling as they embarked on an epic journey through dimensions. Season two saw actor Alexander taking on a dual role as both Michelle and Buck with audiences taken across dimensions. Prior to The OA, Alexander, 17, did not have any formal acting experience but had featured in plays and productions. Nevertheless, Alexander has always had a strong passion for performance and joined community theatre and took lessons in singing. I identify as transmasculine and I only use he, him pronouns just like Buck.

Netflix's "The OA" took its characters to literal new dimensions with "Part Two" of the mind-melting show. One of these people, Buck Vu, is played by year-old Ian Alexander. This season, Alexander was tasked with portraying Buck Vu a transgender teen boy as well as Michelle Vu a version of Buck in an alternate dimension who Alexander views as a pre-transition character. Alexander had a creative hand in crafting his role on the show, including drawing his own custom artwork for a T-shirt Buck wears for most of his "Part Two" scenes. The drawing of antlers spells out "Buck Vu" — a detail even the show's co-creator Zal Batmanglij didn't pick up on.

As she tells her new friends twisted stories about her complicated past, the show also zooms in on the lives of her young recruits — who are all, like her, misunderstood by both their parents and peers. One of the students, Buck Vu, identifies as a trans man, and has found that his gender identity makes it hard to fit in at school and maybe even harder to navigate his home, where his parents still refer to him by his deadname. Almost four years ago, year-old Ian Alexander heard about the role of Buck through an open casting call posted on Tumblr. And he proved to be more than up to the task; he portrays the reserved Buck with a natural tenderness that speaks volumes. Close to three years after the first season of The OA took the internet by storm, the show is finally unveiling its second season Friday on Netflix.

With photo stories shot in Tokyo, India, New York, and London and in-depth features exploring mental health, older bodybuilders, and myths around masculinity — we present all the ways people around the world are redefining traditional tropes. After coming across an open call on Tumblr looking for a trans Asian American man for Netflix series The OA, a young Ian Alexander applied with little acting experience, securing the role as Buck. Now, as an icon for young trans kids growing up, we speak with him about his experiences with masculinity, make-up, and how his parents came to terms with his gender identity. Masculinity is something that is ever-evolving in my understanding and expression of it, especially in I associate masculinity with that feeling of euphoria, in which I feel happy about my self image rather than insecure. I have also grown more secure in my masculinity in I view make-up and fashion as fluid as gender identity and sexuality; after all, masculinity in the 17th century meant wearing wigs, heels, and make-up.

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  1. Ian Alexander (born April 20, ) is an American actor from Salt Lake City known for his role as Buck Vu on The OA. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Career.

  2. In Netflix's critically acclaimed show The OA, the titular “Original Angel” recruits a league of high school outcasts for a mysterious project. As she.

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