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The Guide to Getting into The Cramps, Garage Rock's True Freaks

poison ivy the cramps

Kristy Marlana Wallace (born February 20, ), known as Poison Ivy or Poison Ivy Rorschach, is a guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and occasional vocalist who co-founded the American Blues band The Cramps.

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This interview took place backstage after the gig and originally appeared in Nosebleed issue 12 published June It is typical of several interviews I conducted at the time in that research material was hard to come by and I was downright reliant on whatever press clippings, interviews, hearsay and expertise of others I could forage. Where a real journalist might have had a press kit or an archive to consult, the average lowly shithead fanzine illiterate relied on enthusiastic bluff. This interview is being re-published here to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Lux Interior on February 4, Also present were two blokes from East Coast Radio fucked if I know who they are.

While musical trends and tastes changed by the 80s, the Cramps never lost their vision or sense of danger. As the grunge era ushered punk music back into the limelight, the Cramps remained as relevant as ever, finding new listeners among impressionable Nirvana fans and late-night TV viewers. They even appeared on a episode of Beverly Hills Along the way, Ivy set the standard for many punk guitarists, revving up comparably slow-chugging rockabilly and early rock and pop riffs, first on a fret Bill Lewis guitar before switching to a classic Gretsch For all of this and more, she ranks high among the most influential punk rock guitarists of all time. Your email address will not be published.

It is no secret that I am a Cramps fanatic. In fact, when my band goes on tour I only wear Cramps t-shirts and I have a cat named Lux. Saw The Cramps many times in the s, and they were great. Their performance at the Hammersmith Palais, London in early was the most demented concert I have ever attended. Utterly unique and brilliant. Ivy was and still is one of the great American rockabilly guitarists, and she never got her props during The Cramps existence, mostly due to the overwhelming sexism in both the music industry and in American culture.

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In Praise of The Cramps, the Scariest Band of All Time

The Cramps in The hardest part about being a rock star is that everybody gets old. For a rock star, that can a fate worse than dying—no wonder all those lyrics and legends are about dying young. They stayed together for 33 years, only breaking up when Lux died in A video of the band performing live at the Mudd Club in shows their raw mutant appeal.

The Cramps, with Ivy, Lux, and various other guitarists, drummers, and bassists, continued to release records and perform live until the fall of , enjoying some commercial success mainly in Europe and acquiring a strong cult following worldwide. Throughout The Cramps' career Ivy co-wrote with Lux Interior all of the group's original songs and provided the arrangements for songs they covered. She produced or co-produced several of their albums and singles, sang on the songs "Kizmiaz" and "Get Off the Road," and played theremin on later records. Early on, Ivy used a clear plexiglass Dan Armstrong guitar, then the unusual Canadian-made Bill Lewis guitar heard on the first few Cramps recordings. Since she has mostly used a Gretsch hollow-body. The couple were together for 37 years, until his death on February 4,

You seem to be alright to me. Both raving music nerds with an affinity for the bizarre and a passion for obscure singles, horror comics, and early sci-fi, they hit it off immediately. Soon after, they began their year journey as the rockabilly-loving, sex-obsessed, B-horror-fanatic honky tonk punk group The Cramps. Lux, usually with his hair wild, in nothing but skintight leather pants slung just above his groin or just undies, and often heels , sweaty and moaning, would jerk around and suck on his mic. Poison Ivy, with her flaming locks, would stand stoic and shredding in animal print, patent, sequins, or simply a sheer bodysuit. Always dressed to the trashiest of nines, like characters from a John Waters movie. To listen to The Cramps is to enter a gooey old sci-fi movie, invaded by booze hounds, brace-faced werewolves, and whip-cracking dommes stomping around in leather bikinis.


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