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Why are elite Jewish day schools standing in the way of a better education for yeshiva kids?

in the way of

In the way of definition: You use in the way of or by way of in order to specify the kind of thing you are talking | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and.


The purpose of the law is obvious and straightforward: to make sure children attending nonpublic schools receive enough education to survive the world into which they graduate. Until the s, this directive from Albany had little relevance for most New York City Jews, as most Jewish parents were still sending their children to public schools to learn to be Americans. But as the decades passed, some American Jews realized that it was possible — for a price — to have their children walk out of middle or high school with the Talmud in their right hand and the U. Constitution in their left. This led to the creation of the modern Jewish day school system as we know it, and institutions such as Solomon Schechter, and later SAR, the Abraham Joshua Heschel School and the like, began attracting generations of modern Jewish families.

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in the way

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  1. —used to indicate the type of thing that is being described, thought of, etc. His parents offered him little in the way of emotional much money has.

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