Oggy and the cockroaches

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Oggy and the Cockroaches

oggy and the cockroaches

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Oggy and the Cockroaches known as Oggy et les Cafards in French, often referred to as simply Oggy is a French animated children's television series produced by Gaumont Multimedia first two seasons and Xilam Animation third season onwards , and created by Jean-Yves Raimbaud. The show was successful in France and was eventually broadcast worldwide. Oggy, an anthropomorphic cat, would prefer to spend his days watching television and eating, but is continuously pestered by three roaches, Joey , Dee Dee and Marky all named after members of the punk rock band Ramones. The Cockroaches' slapstick mischief ranges from plundering Oggy's refrigerator to hijacking the train he just boarded. There are two additional main characters: Oggy's cousin Jack, who is more violent and short-tempered than him and is also annoyed by the Cockroaches; and Bob, a short-tempered bulldog who is Oggy's neighbor. After a four-year gap in production, Season 5 is planned for release in late with two more seasons coming later. It contains narrations of five episodes by Anthony Kavanagh.

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Oggy's defining trait is arguably his laziness, enjoying watching television, eating, and, on a couple of instances, listening to music. As something of a neat freak, he feels compelled to have his residence clean and orderly and periodically performs household tasks. According to online descriptions, he is fond of Ideal Home, game shows, listening to polka records, and eating chips in the bath. In addition, he is mentioned to fantasize about attaining a self-cleaning oven or a 12 gear vacuum on "The Wheel of Fortune". He also displays a love for gardening and board games.

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  1. Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated children's television series produced by Gaumont Multimedia (first two seasons) and Xilam Animation .

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