The cross shield isis

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ISIS Released Propaganda Video Showing Soldiers Crawling Like Dogs, Burned Alive

the cross shield isis

Who Would Dare to Love ISIS? (A Letter from the People of the Cross)

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The two men standing barefoot with shaved heads are seen dressed in camouflage military uniform doused in petrol. They have leashes with one end tied to the collars on their necks while the other end is tied to a fuse. One of three ISIS militants then ignites the fuse with the push of a button. The flames quickly make their way up the leashes, eventually reaching the two men. The video shows the two men writhing in pain on the ground vainly attempting to extinguish the fire, but it spreads quickly on their clothes and bodies. They eventually lose consciousness and burn to death. It shows their executioner, who stands nearby, denouncing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and calling for "destruction to be sowed" in Turkey, according to The Gospel Herald , quoting the Arabic source Al Arabiya.

ISIS has released a horrific new propaganda video showing its fighters forcing two Turkish soldiers captured in Aleppo to crawl like dogs on leashes before burning them alive. Near the end, it shows three ISIS terrorists opening up a cage containing two men whose heads have been shaven. They are then made to crawl on all fours like dogs, while on a leash to a place with two fuses. The soldiers are then hooked up to the fuses, and one ISIS member activates a device that catches the fuses on fire. The fire begins to work its way toward the soldiers, and eventually, the two men are set on fire. The video shows the soldiers writhing on the ground, attempting to extinguish the fire, but eventually lose consciousness.

The servicemen are shown chained in cages. The two men are heard presenting themselves off camera as members of Turkish Gendarmerie Intelligence Organization, a controversial agency. The video appears to have been an impressively staged production, shot from several angles in high-definition and high-speed cameras, and sound tracked with religious songs. The authenticity of the video could not be independently verified. One of the killed soldiers seems to be Sefter Tas, a Kurd from Igdir which was captured 1 year ago. ISIS might still have a turkish captive pic. Muath al-Kaseasbeh released in

By Jamie Schram. ISIS barbarians burned two Turkish soldiers alive in northern Syria, a gruesome new video released by the terror group shows.
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The footage shows two men in camouflage fatigues taken out of a cage in the desert and then made to walk barefoot on all fours before being stood up and made to suffer their fate of being burnt to death. The two men stand and have a chain-like fuse connected around their necks before they are ignited by remote control by an ISIS member. So this will be your fate with the permission of Allah. Turkey shut down the social media sites Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after news of the video reached the country in an attempt to stop Turks seeing the gruesome minute long video. Turkey Blocks, a website that seeks to "identify and validate reports of internet mass-censorship events" reported users having problems accessing the three websites following the release of the video. The disturbing images recall the killing of Lt Moaz al-Kassasbeh, a Jordanian fighter pilot who was captured by ISIS when his plane went down in Syria in December , and was later burned alive in a cage.

ISIS Releases Video of Two Turkish Soldiers Being Burned Alive

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