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the circle tom hanks

The Circle is a American techno-thriller film directed by James Ponsoldt with a screenplay by Ponsoldt and Dave Eggers, based on Eggers' novel of the same name. The film stars Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, with John Boyega, Karen.

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The highlight of "The Circle" is producer-costar Tom Hanks ' performance as the CEO of the titular company, a Google- or Apple-styled high-tech octopus that's spreading its tentacles into every nook of our lives. The brilliance of Hanks' performance as Eamon Bailey, founder of The Circle, is that it's not remarkably different from the humble, charming average guy performance he gives as himself whenever he goes on talk shows, accepts awards, or narrates a documentary about the unsung heroes of World War II. For whatever reason, you can't help trusting Tom Hanks. That's why " The Simpsons Movie " cast him in a voice cameo selling "The New Grand Canyon," a name for the hole that would have been left in the ground if the military went through with its plan to bomb the recently contaminated town of Springfield into oblivion. The notion that Tom Hanks, a patriotic emblem right up there with apple pie and the American flag, would be hired to put a smiley face on an American Hiroshima is scarier than a lot of current horror films.

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The Circle review – Emma Watson and Tom Hanks face off in empty techno-thriller

A live feed of that environment will then come right onto your computer screen. In nearly every corporate thriller, the ominous bosses are the bad guys, and the workers, with one or two back-stabbing exceptions, are the victims of their malfeasance. And the bad guys are now us: the proletarian communicators.

Film Review: ‘The Circle’

Emma Watson plays the heroine Mae, a sweet-faced girl with Aaron Copland music as the ringtone on her phone who is suffering in a bad job at a water company where she has to try to calm down angry people all day. And so Mae is a vulnerable target for The Circle, a vast tech and social media company run by Eamon Bailey Hanks like a cult. This is the sort of working environment where Beck plays concerts on the premises to keep the employees happy and keep them from going home. It would be far more effective and more troubling if The Circle and its leaders were seductive and attractive and had some good points to make, but they are so ridiculously wrong-headed that Mae seems pretty dim to fall for them. Mae goes out kayaking and almost drowns, but she is saved because her every movement is being monitored by the company. The only time she gets any privacy is when she goes to the toilet.

The Circle is a American techno-thriller film directed by James Ponsoldt with a screenplay by Ponsoldt and Dave Eggers , based on Eggers' novel of the same name. It is the penultimate performance of Headly's career and the final performance of Paxton's career, and was released just after his death in February Through her friend Annie, call center intern Mae Holland secures a customer support position at The Circle, a tech and social media company.

The Circle

Anne Thompson. Nobody sets out to make a bad movie. Emma Watson as Belle. We lose sympathy for Mae as the narrative omits vital connective tissue that might explain just how and why she becomes a willing tool of The Circle. And charismatic John Boyega is wasted as a mysterious Circle co-founder.

A surprise call from friend Annie Karen Gillan results in an interview to join her at powerful internet company The Circle. She aces it and finds her life immediately transformed, working within an innovative corporation that aims to further blur the lines between our private and public lives. Its charismatic co-founder Eamon Tom Hanks soon takes a shine to Mae and her profile within The Circle becomes stratospheric but with the help of a mysterious colleague John Boyega , she starts to worry about the damaging implications. But The Circle is all foreplay, playfully prodding without providing a satisfying payoff. This is also apparent in the patchy narrative that darts between various underdeveloped dynamics, making the film feel like the result of a chaotic editing suite. Dialogue too often drowns in exposition, a heavy hand taking over when a lighter touch is required.


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