Nox arcana night of the wolf

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Nox Arcana

nox arcana night of the wolf

Nox Arcana - Night of The Wolf

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The group's lush, ominous music is inspired by classic horror and fantasy authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and H. Their music blends sound effects with acoustic instrumentation, and often includes choral vocals, Gregorian chanting, or dramatic narration. Stylistically, their work has ranged from darkwave to Celtic new age, with occasional ventures into heavy metal or industrial. The group's albums are typically themed around specific subjects, phenomena, authors, or literary works, and their styles and instrumentation have varied accordingly; they'll often replicate the music of the particular time period in which each album's story is based. Nox Arcana's music has been issued exclusively through Vargo's Monolith Graphics, and the recordings have been utilized heavily by theme parks and attractions during Halloween season, as well as theater productions, television programs, and professional magicians. Prior to forming Nox Arcana, Joseph Vargo was internationally renowned for his visual artwork, particularly in the horror and fantasy realms. He produced and contributed music and narration to two albums by Midnight Syndicate, co-wrote the vampire-themed book Tales from the Dark Tower, and published Dark Realms magazine.

Artes et perditae, Lycan incarnatus. Arts of hell; Lycan in the flesh. The screams echoed in his head, as he paced, nervously. Thane watched him, arms folded. He wanted her to see, of course he did But the wolf… He was the physical proof of what a monster he was. He wanted to be better, for her.

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Nox Arcana Night of the Wolf lyrics: Lightning cracks the sky / Hear a lonely cry / Eyes full of pain / Sear.
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Transylvania is the fourth album by gothic duo Nox Arcana. This album is a musical tribute to Bram Stoker 's Dracula. The duo employs their musical storytelling concept to take their listeners through chapters of the classic novel—beginning with Jonathan Harker 's voyage into the Carpathian Mountains , a ride in Dracula's ominous black coach, arriving at Castle Dracula, a rendezvous with Dracula's brides, and a foray into a gypsy encampment, and finally into the lair of the vampire. The duo's website also offers some historical background for the inspiration of their album. Nox Arcana took their subject matter very seriously when composing the music for Transylvania. The album was also used to score a televised edition of the silent film Nosferatu.


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