Metallica through the never stage

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Metallica: Through the Never (video)

metallica through the never stage

Metallica: Through the Never is a American thriller concert film featuring American heavy metal band Metallica. Its title is derived from the song "Through.

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The last time Metallica agreed to appear in a feature-length documentary, the results were more revealing than its members might have hoped. The band returns to the big screen—the really big one, in this case—with Metallica: Through The Never , which is so fundamentally different from Some Kind Of Monster that it plays like a bona fide corrective. This stereoscopic IMAX vanity project presents the titular rockers not as men, but as living legends, playing the hits at a gigantic venue, for thousands of bellowing diehard fans. These scenes are muscularly staged by Antal, even as they feel like something of a distraction, interrupting the flow of the concert. Perhaps the pulpy narrative material is meant to compensate for the mercenary professionalism of the performers, who tear through their career-spanning set list with the mechanical proficiency of a veteran-touring act.

The concerts took place on a stage conceived and designed for the film. They were stored underneath the stage and rose from the floor using a hydraulic motor. Mensch said by phone. The overall look was meant to mirror the cover of the album of the same name. Other effects included fire and lasers. Cameras To capture the live performance, many cameras were placed around and even above the stage, since the concert was in the round.

The film officially opens on Friday September 27 for an exclusive week-long run on IMAX screens before expanding to other theaters on October 4. It might be good to have members of the group on hand to explain the surreal narrative that winds its way through the concert footage, in which a roadie played by Dane DeHaan finds himself in an increasingly hostile urban environment while on a mission for the band. But beyond those walls of the venue, you have mayhem and it could be anything. It could be anarchy. There are problems beyond those walls that exist with what's happening in that bubble of, you know, this perfect world of music and metal. The second event, on Sunday September 22 , took place at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, where the band came out to play "Enter Sandman" in honor of Yankees great Mariano Rivera , who is retiring at the end of this season.

Metallica were back in action in Mexico City Saturday night July 28 and part of their performance had some fans fearing the worst for a pair of stage crew members. During the set, the band rolled into their classic 'Enter Sandman' with plenty of pyro to excite the crowd. However, it appeared to those watching that one of the flare launchers failed and two of the crew members who went to check on the mishap soon found themselves running around the stage engulfed in flames before fire extinguishers put out the blaze. Adding to the confusion, singer James Hetfield can audibly be heard stating, "Stop, stop! But before you go fearing the worst, a spokesperson for promoters Ocesa told El Universal via Blabbermouth , "It's all part of the show. The performance was the first of an eight-night run at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, and featured a new stage set up with a X 50 ft.

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