Samsung nexus 10 review

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samsung nexus 10 review

In fact, it took almost a year for a proper competitor to rear its head, with Google and Samsung teaming up to introduce the Google Nexus 10 to.

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First impressions of the Nexus 10 are quite positive. That said, prodding the back of the tablet with a finger does reveal a millimetre or so of give in the rubber, along with the odd audible creak. On the plus side the rubberised back of the Nexus 10 is much less likely to pick up scratches something metal-backed tablets are much more prone to. The front of the Nexus 10 is covered with a sheet of Corning Gorilla Glass 2, thereby protecting the screen from accidental scratches. A protective case is still a good investment if you plan to be carrying your tablet inside a bag though. In use, not only does the screen feel especially silky to the touch, it also appears to have had some kind of oleophobic coating applied even after a long session of typing and swiping the screen on our review unit still manages to look pretty clean.

It all starts with the On both counts the Nexus 10 display beats the iPad, which lags behind at 2, x 1, and ppi. Text in ebooks and web pages looks fantastic no matter how close you zoom in, high-resolution photographs look glorious and Full HD movies are an absolute joy to watch. Colours on the Nexus 10 seem flatter than on the iPad, however, and a touch less saturated. The soft, rubbery finish feels strangely sticky under the finger.

Review Google Nexus 10 Tablet

High-end meets budget. Google throws down the gauntlet and challenges Apple and Microsoft with its new offering. The Nexus 10 offers up-to-date hardware and a high-res

Samsung Google Nexus 10 GT-P8110

Have had mine four years. Does have the yellowing screen but only when viewed at an angle. Viewed straight on it's nice and white. Replaced the battery last year and no problems since. Screen specs still better than most new 10 inch tablets.

Fast approaching its fourth birthday, the Nexus 10 is still a brilliant tablet with a wonderful screen and an even more wonderful price. Apple blew pretty much any other device, be it tablets or desktop monitors, completely out of the water when the famed Retina display was first introduced to the iPad 3 in early Since then, it's been a story of companies competing for the biggest and best screens to date. In fact, it took almost a year for a proper competitor to rear its head, with Google and Samsung teaming up to introduce the Google Nexus 10 to the world. Coming up to its fourth birthday, the Google Nexus 10 has definitely stood the test of time and still holds its own, even for a tablet launched way back in November


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